Start from the ground up. Creating a healthy, energy efficient home begins with a sealed and conditioned crawl space. Yet, the question remains: With all the companies offering crawl space services, how can you be sure that you have made the right decision?

Get a free evaluation. Whether we are the first ones out, or you are interested in getting a second opinion, Crawlspace Doctor offers no cost, no hassle crawl space evaluations. Our experienced evaluators will thoroughly inspect your crawl space in order to pinpoint what specific conditions or issues exist underneath your home, whether they be standing water, high humidity, dampness, moisture, mold growth, fallen down or inadequate insulation, structural issues or foul crawl space odors.

Create an individualized solution. Too many crawl space companies offer a one-size-fits all fix without addressing your home’s unique needs. Because we understand that each home is as unique as the family who lives there, our evaluators take the time to create an individualized solution to your crawl space issues, from humidity control, dehumidifiers and encapsulation systems (also known as vapor barriers) to drainage systems, sump pumps and properly installed insulation.

Breathe easy. Crawlspace Doctor is a family of locally owned business that strive to provide a customer experience that is rarely found in today’s home service industry. Our evaluators and crews know your region’s climate, as well as your city’s building codes, because they live there. For over a decade, we have been one of the pioneers of sealed and condition crawl spaces, helping to set a national standard for a healthy, energy efficient home.